Free: 3-Part LIVE Webinar Series

Sufi Teachings of Healing

for Global Unity & Inner Peace

An Intro to Sufi Healing and Transformation

Join us for this new 3-part webinar series to discover how to truly find global unity & inner peace even in the face of challenges and uncertainty. Learn about some of the ancient Sufi teachings that can help bring peace, love and healing to you on a personal level and make an impact on a global scale.

“I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness?
She responded, ‘love lifts me.'”
– Hafiz

Join this 3-Part Workshop Series for Global Unity & Inner Peace with these Ancient Sufi Teachings


LIVE OCT. 20th at 1PM PST 

Introduction to Sufi Healing & How it will Transform Your Life

In this event, we’ll explore:

  • Why our 3 Sufi Master Healers chose the Sufi  path and how it transformed their lives
  • How these practices could help you move through your own blocks in life
  • What is unique about this path that has brought healing where other’s didn’t


LIVE OCT. 21th at 1PM PST 

What is Holding You Back From Healing? 

In this event, we’ll explore:

  • Some of the main reasons people don’t heal
  • Why people turn away from God
  • Hidden fears that create obstacles
  • Failure to have a system to follow
  • Believing it is not possible


LIVE OCT. 22th at 1PM PST 

Secrets To Healing & Transformation 

In this event, we’ll explore:

  • Learn Ancient principles to awaken to God within
  • Why this system has worked for so many people
  • Steps to create more safety, security and healing in our lives

“The human journey really becomes one of return to our original state of purity, and reconnection with our soul which is our way back to oneness with God.

– Kamila Carolyn Shemen, Sufi Teacher at


About Your Guides 

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a physician, Sufi Master Healer, and Spiritual Guide pioneering Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) – the integration of western medicine and spiritual practice to heal disease and improve health and wellbeing. After studying and witnessing healing from many spiritual healing traditions, Dr. Jaffe discovered the spiritual healing of the Sufis.

He found that the Sufi healing led to the deepest inner transformation of the heart and soul and addressed the most subtle and hidden forms of disease. For this reason, he chose to apprentice for 20 years with one of the leading Sufi Masters and Healers of the century, Sidi Muhammad Al-Jamal, Guide of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Way. Though his apprenticeship, Dr. Jaffe’s own illnesses were healed. As he mastered the deep teachings of his Guide, Dr. Jaffe was recognized by Sidi as a Sufi Murshid, or Guide, and a Master Sufi Spiritual Healer. He was given permission to teach spiritual healing and Sufism worldwide.

Maxine Salima Adelstein M.Ed., D.D. helps people to discover and embody the deep truth of their beauty and essence through her work as a healer and teacher. She is a Murshid Murabbi Ruhi, (Sufi Spiritual Guide) in the Shadhilyya Sufi tradition, a rank given to her by her guide, Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.  

Ms. Adelstein is Co-President, chair of the Department of Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies and a faculty member for the University of Sufism and the Institute of Medical Spiritual Healing. She is a master healer who has helped thousands of clients heal from illness and lifelong emotional pain.

Maxine is also the founder and spiritual director at the Farm of Peace and the International Peace Center in Pennsylvania and teaches about sufism and spiritual healing nationally and internationally. Her heart is filled with the joy and compassion that result from living in the heart of God.

Kamila Carolyn Shenmen, Ph.D., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.C.H., M.Div., currently co-president of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (USHS), will be transferring this same role to the University of Sufism. She holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from USHS and a Doctorate in Computer Science and Molecular Biology from the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France.

She worked for 18 years at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and is also a certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Kamila has been a healing practitioner in the Sufi tradition since 2003.

Kamila’s search for true healing, at the deepest levels, led her to Shaykh Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal and the ancient spiritual healing practices of Sufism. Having found, on the Sufi Way, the peace and healing that comes from opening the heart to God’s love, Kamila is blessed to be able to share this healing path and its teachings with her students, community, and clients.

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