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The 3 Inner Voices:

A Sufi Training for Discerning Who You’re Listening to in Your Head

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We are always listening to different, subtle voices and thoughts that create our belief systems and upon which we act everyday. Without even being aware of them, these voices dictate the choices we make and either lead us to joy and freedom or they bring us into pain and unhappiness. By learning to discern and open to listening to your highest voices, you can start receiving clear guidance and living a life with much deeper clarity and wisdom.

The Voice of the Self 

These are the voices of our sub-personalities that we have developed over time. We have different ones that dominate at different times in our lives. These are guided by learned beliefs and outer witnessing.

The Voice of Darkness 

Also known as the voices of despair because they are motivated by deep fear. It can come from deep within the subconscious or from outer influences. They generally always keep you from the light or what is good for you.

The Voice of the Divine 

This is what is called the “Angelic” voices. They provide direct guidance from the Divine and provide wisdom that is beyond what your mind can perceive on its own. This voice brings a deep peace and joy into your life.

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The 3 Inner Voices

A Sufi Training for Discerning Who
You’re Listening to in Your Head

With Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

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