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Merging with the Ocean of The Divine Qualities

A Unique Training Series for Spiritual Healing and Transformation

A Welcome Letter from Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Dear Friend,

Does it feel like it’s becoming an even greater challenge to find deep peace and healing in your daily life, let alone try to contain it? With the many distractions competing for our attention, we can often feel pulled in hundreds of directions all at once.

True transformation happens when you decide to dedicate a small amount of time to turn inward daily. From there, you will find the love, healing, and peace that is only possible through aligning with the light of God.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a taste of this inner peace and love that resides within us all, or accessed a state of calm or deep feeling of safety within your heart through other spiritual practices.

If you’ve felt it even once, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself: 

“How can I keep this feeling going every day?”

“What do I do now?” 

“Where can I get more?”

The answer to these questions is giving yourself a small – but deeply powerful – practice that doesn’t ask for more energy than you have to give, doesn’t add another thing on to your plate, and doesn’t take away from your daily life.

By utilizing some of the healing practices found within the Sufi teachings, such as the powerful Divine Qualities, you can access a place of true ease and peace within you at any moment.

One where you walk hand-in-hand with the highest light of God, and feel in alignment with your highest good. Where you begin to listen for the beauty and wisdom that already resides within you.

If you are looking to experience more of this deep peace and transformation through some of the Sufi healing practices, we invite you to explore one or all of our three new courses from the Divine Qualities Series.

Peace & Blessings,

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD


God gave you life and bestowed upon you his attributes; eventually you will return to home”


What are the 99 Divine Names?

The Divine Names are the Essential Qualities that create our existence from the inner levels of our soul’s reality. It has been said that there are over 1000 Divine Names, but there are 99 Names that are the master essences. The Master Ingredients that create our existence.

These are considered deep blessings from God and when properly called upon, can shift your inner world and outer reality simultaneously.

Each quality brings a different ray of light, a different Quality of God. When it is invoked and received into your conscious awareness, you begin to walk closer to God on your spiritual path.

Practicing what is referred to as Dhikr (recitation) with all the names or a specific name can help to unveil and remove the obstacles between your heart and the Divine Qualities of God. You are then able to align and embody to your highest creation for your heart, soul and God.

You do not need to know about Sufism or be a Sufi in order to work with the Qualities. In the deeper reality, it’s about knowing, recognizing and working with the Qualities, and being able to return the Qualities back to God, Most High.


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a physician, Sufi Master Healer, and Spiritual Guide pioneering Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) – the integration of western medicine and spiritual practice to heal disease and improve health and wellbeing. After studying and witnessing healing from many spiritual healing traditions including Hindu, Kundalini, Homeopathy, Tibetan Medicine Buddha, Japanese Zen, Philippine psychic surgeons, South American shamans, Hawaiian Kahuna and more, Dr. Jaffe discovered the spiritual healing of the Sufis.

Courses Available: 

In each video, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe teaches three Divine Qualities and how to embody them in your daily life for a specific purpose.

Video Course 1: 

Divine Qualities for Spiritual Healing:

In this video, Ibrahim introduces the Divine Names and how to beautify the heart. These are the Divine Qualities you will learn to integrate at the deepest levels of your being:

  • As Salaam – to bring the deep peace 

  • An Nur – to access the Divine Light 

  • Al Hadi –  obtaining true guidance

Video Course 2: 

Divine Qualities for Spiritual Transformations

In this video, Ibrahim Jaffe teaches the Divine Qualities that are essential for creating deep change and purification. The Divine Names that are covered in the course are:

  • Al-Ghafur – make tawba and purification – forgiveness 
  • Ash-Shakur- seat of deep thankfulness. The key to a joyfull life. 
  • Al-Wasi- live a life of harmony

Video COurse 3: 

Divine Qualities for Your Highest Purpose

In this video, Ibrahim teaches the Divine Qualities that are essential for finding your highest divine purpose.  The Divine names that you will learn to integrate are:

  • Al Karim – to receive divine generosity, building self-esteem and the self-esteem of others
  • Al-Awwal – making a fresh start
  • Al-Musawwir – forming a new image or creation


Divine Qualities Series

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