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7 Prayers for 7 Days
 The Power of Prayer  A Sufi Peace Challenge 
Each day of prayer will help you to connect deeply with your heart and open up your soul to a more beautiful connection with God. 

Maxine Salima Adelstein M.Ed., D.D. helps people to discover and embody the deep truth of their beauty and essence through her work as a healer and teacher. She is a Murshid Murabbi Ruhi, (Sufi Spiritual Guide) in the Shadhilyya Sufi tradition, a rank given to her by her guide, Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.  

Ms. Adelstein is Co-President, chair of the Department of Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies and a faculty member for the University of Sufism and the Institute of Medical Spiritual Healing. She is a master healer who has helped thousands of clients heal from illness and lifelong emotional pain.

Maxine Is also the founder and spiritual director at the Farm of Peace and the International Peace Center in Pennsylvania and teaches about sufism and spiritual healing nationally and internationally. Her heart is filled with the joy and compassion that result from living in the heart of God.

"Prayer in an amazing vehicle for transformation and also for opening the worlds of the unseen. It is an opportunity to connect deeply on a personal level to the deepest part of your heart and also to a place where your connection with the Most High begins."
- Salima Adelstein, Sufi Teacher at

Clear away unsettling thoughts and experience true peace in your heart. 
In these 7 days we will cover...
Day #1

Accessing the Light of Prayer

Learn how the power of intentions can help direct our prayers and how to set them before we begin in order to bring in the highest light for our prayers.

Day #2
Prayer in Action is Love

The power of prayer not only can change your life or heart, but also can have an effect on the collective consciousness and heart as well. 

Day #3
Seeking Help Through Patience and Prayer

Salima shares a beautiful prayer that will help you when you are needing some extra spiritual nourishment or at times when you are needing to be more present in your heart.

Day #4
Prayer to Create Peace Inside and Out
Learn a short, but powerful prayer that helps you to align with God by asking for forgiveness, mercy and love.
Day #5
Prayer and the Power of Forgiveness

Learn how to improve your character by washing and purifying your heart with this prayer of forgiveness.

Day #6
Opening the Door of Faith with Prayer

Learn a prayer to heal from any past experiences that may be creating some kind of difficulty for your heart and for your heart to open completely.

Day #7
Experience Joy and Comfort in Prayer

Learn how prayer can help calm and to cultivate compassion and to embody more divine love in your life.

The Power of Prayer...

A prayer can make a difference in a moment, in a word that inspires us, it helps us to examine and strengthens our faith. When we reach deep inside to access the power of prayer, it not only can change our life, or the heart or other’s lives, but it also has the ability to change the world. 

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