Free Video Series

Sufi Stories and Poetry:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

with Kamila Carolyn Shenmen, Co-President of the University of Sufism

We invite you to allow your heart to immerse into the deep love and open to the beauty and sweetness that can be found in these teachings.

Discover True Harmony in Your Heart with Sufi Ancient Wisdom

Over the next three days, you will receive a different video by Kamila Carolyn Shenmen, Co-President of the University of Sufism, where she will be sharing some beautiful Sufi stories and poetry by a few of the great Sufi Masters.

Video 1: 

The Wisdom of the Heart

  • The wonders that lie in your heart
  • God’s original gift – a compass to guide you home
  • Walking in the heart’s light

Video 2: 

The Courage to Change

  • Being open to what comes your way.
  • Saying ‘yes’ to transformation.
  • Returning to your true nature.

Video 3: 

Living in Harmony

  • God’s teaching: “I have created you all from one soul.”
  • Standing between heaven and earth – choosing goodness.
  • Recognizing the divine light in every heart.

“The human journey really becomes one of return to our original state of purity, and reconnection with our soul which is our way back to oneness with God.

– Kamila Carolyn Shemen, Sufi Teacher at

A Video Series by Kamila Carolyn Shenmen 

Co-President of the University of Sufism and a  Sufi teacher at

Kamila Carolyn Shenmen, Ph.D., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.C.H., M.Div., currently co-president of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (USHS), will be transferring this same role to the University of Sufism. She holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from USHS and a Doctorate in Computer Science and Molecular Biology from the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France.

She worked for 18 years at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and is also a certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Kamila has been a healing practitioner in the Sufi tradition since 2003.

Kamila’s search for true healing, at the deepest levels, led her to Shaykh Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal and the ancient spiritual healing practices of Sufism. Having found, on the Sufi Way, the peace and healing that comes from opening the heart to God’s love, Kamila is blessed to be able to share this healing path and its teachings with her students, community, and clients.


Sufi Stories and Poetry:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Free Video Series